Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's New. It's Black. It's White. It's Noir.

It's weird.

My classmates (blogmates?) asked me today why my (previous) blog was left un-updated for a very long time. I asked myself that same question for some time now. Maybe I got bored and quite frankly think that my writing sucks. Big-time. So instead of updating the old blog, I made a new one. Wasting time doing things that I find quite entertaining really makes the time flies. Not at bird flying speed, but F22 Raptor.

New blog with the same content and rambling. Actually I have nothing to post right now - and hopefully that this blank head with no idea what to write come up with something interesting for all of you to read.

Oh yes, in case some of you are wondering, NOIR is pronounced \ˈnwär\. It's a little wrong to pronounce it "no-eir" and it's very wrong to pronounce it "nyior" (a.k.a cocus nucifera a.k.a coconut in Malay). If you still having trouble to enunciate it, just say my name - Nuar. It sound is close enough to the real one. LOL.

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  1. owh sebab tuh noir ... hhuhuhahha ..

    nice blog !! cari dalam kepala tuh menda nak update

  2. wawawawawawawawawawawawa

    hai noir ^_^

    update la movie yg bakal ditayangkn, noir kn advance bab bab nih, ahahha