Friday, February 11, 2011

Desktop of the Week #1

So hot!
My current desktop for about a month and technically it falls in the region of "Desktop of the Month". The looks on my desktop was so based on Windows Phone 7 interface, given that I have fallen in love with HTC HD7. I was thinking of changing the wallpaper to something else but what the hell, she looks smoking hot! I'll be glad to share with all of you (she's already married though).

So the content on my desktop goes as following :
And yes, it was d2z webshare shortcut on my desktop. He's a sharer with my taste of good TV Series anyway.

Now Listening to Muse - Falling Away With You


  1. ada plak link aku kat situ kaannn~ *terharu* lol

  2. ahahha...maknanya dia slalu donlod kat d2z la tu..