Friday, April 29, 2011

As we go on...

...we'll remember all the time we had together.

It's a sad emotional happy mixed feeling week here in USM (well, for me atleast). It's been 4 years (almost) studying at USM Engineering Campus, some of us will end their life as a student and enters the life of adulthood and others will continue their studies. It's a choice for every final year student to make, personally I chose to work.

These 4 years life I had here was a priceless experience that will be treasured forever. From going on a trip with a lecturer, big convoy to friends' house, doing assignments or even pissing your group members off in completing group task. Yes, I do that. I don't know if my group members will read this or not, but I do feel bad and guilty about it. From the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry for every trouble that I've caused.

As of my friends, Naufal, Bob, Naim, Raja, Syahmi and Saufi, thank you for all the great time that we had. I hope that our Skype group will lasts until we are old.

*sad mode off*

I will going back to my hometown sometime tomorrow or the day after. Right now I'm still downloading anything I can to fill my harddisks, from TV series, anime, Korean variety shows. There are 6 of them, with different sizes and shape.

First HDD - 80GB. Bought with my laptop. It supposed to be a birthday present for someone, but up until now, I still didn't give it to the person (you know who you are).
Second HDD - 120GB. Bought it during second semester, I guess.
Third HDD - 320GB. Bought this specifically to change the internal 120GB HDD in the laptop. This 120GB HDD was sold to a friend of mine.
Fourth HDD - 500GB. The large and portable that I usually choose to store new things.
Fifth HDD - 1TB. Bought this solely to store my favorite TV series and movies.
Sixth HDD - Another 500GB. Solely bought this to replace the third HDD in the laptop.

Maybe I'll go for SSD (Solid State Drive) next. But the price for one of that are still freaking expensive and that is just a low capacity SSD (the lowest one available in PCDepot is 160GB and the price is MYR 1319). You can buy up to seven 500GB portable HDD (with the total of approximate of 3.5TB of space) with that kind of money! Just give it 2 -3 years, (maybe) the price of this thing will fall greatly.

*geek mode off*

Now listening to So Nyuh Shi Dae - Mr. Taxi

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